Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to make Muzzle Brake

Muzzle Brake Manual.

With drawings and installation instructions.

Muzzle Brake

Complete comprehensive in detail,how you can make muzzle brake, and comes with installation instructions for rifles and pistols. Muzzle Brake is only 2 1/2" Long.Muzzle Brake
will reduce recoil by 50 % to 65% ,in rifle and guns and  are much easier to aim and handle, resulting in "better hits"
Important for the Big Magnums.Used for calibers 222Rem, cal.22/250Rem, cal.243 Win,cal.6mm PPC,cal.2506 Rem, cal.6.5mm, cal.270Win,7mm REM Mag,308W,300WM
8mm Rem Mag, 338Mag, and out through,the largest magnum rifles like cal 375, and 460, for the big and dangerous game.Can be used for Large Hunting Pistols cal.9mm,cal.357,cal.
Adobe 128 Bit Encrypted PDF Document eBook.
Password Protected. Price $ 9.95 Download eBook

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 How to make Muzzle Brake.

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Paul D. Mitchell said...

So silencers are known to reduce recoil in similar fashion to a muzzle brake (though not as efficient). Muzzle brakes are known for increasing the report of a firearm. Both are various configurations of ports and baffles, so can be similar in design. It's a worthy goal to design a muzzle brake that doesn't increase the report of a firearm, so at what point does it "become" a silencer legally? I suspect there's not a definitive answer. It would be nice if it were as simple as a decibel level or external ports vs. canned. It's similar to the issue of flash hider vs. muzzle brake. Thanks.
Adam L.

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